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In a Vinyasa Flow class, the focus is on linking asana (poses) with movement and breath.  You will build heat with Vinyasa (flow) to warm and prepare the body for building strength, balance, and flexibility.  Modifications will be offered so that all levels of practitioners are welcome!


PI-Latte fusion is a great workout to build muscle and stamina, and it teaches focus and relaxation. Leslii's classes begin with muscle-toning Pilates inspired and end with yoga inspired, lengthening and meditation. “The yoga part of the workout offers more lengthening and relaxation of muscles,” she explains. 
All levels of practitioners are welcome!

Slow Flow (Beginner Friendly). Settle your mind and create ease through this mindful practice designed to address tension, reduce stress and promote relaxation. Enjoy this hour of extreme self-care and leave breathing better, standing taller and knowing you have honored your body from the inside out. 

Barre-Combining elements of Barre and Yoga with myofascial release techniques, this class offers a unique and comprehensive approach to wellness. You'll challenge your muscles with dynamic barre exercises, enhance your flexibility and balance with yoga flows, and release tension and tightness with targeted myofascial release techniques using rolling and balls. Leave feeling rejuvenated, balanced, and ready to take on whatever life throws your way!

Chair yoga is a great way to get the wonderful health benefits of yoga from the comforts of your chair. Staying seated means that you any body can do yoga even those that say they "aren't flexible" can safely complete the exercises. Yoga is a great way to loosen and lengthen muscles, reduce stress, and improve circulation. It also reduces blood pressure, protects joints and builds strength and balance. 

Me-Time Monday! Basic Yoga Flow w/Crystal Bowls

Start the week off right and treat yourself to this foundational flow practice. This class is accessible to all levels and is perfect for anyone looking to ease into their week.  The sequences focus on poses that will help you strengthen, stretch and unwind as you enjoy your own personal, inward experience. This practice rounds off with the soothing sounds of the Crystal Bowls!

I Can't Touch my Toes Tuesdays...Leslii teaches a class where she takes her students on a journey that allows them to really start to understand and connect with their bodies. Affectionately called the Yogi Mechanic by her students.

Focus is on linking asana (poses) with movement and breath.  You will build heat with Vinyasa (flow) to warm and prepare the body for building strength, balance, and flexibility.  Leslii uses myofascial tools to release even more stress and tension in the body. Modifications will be offered so that all levels of practitioners are welcome!

Kids Yoga. Kids ages 6-12 can join Leslii Stevens at Limitless Yoga for Kids!  These sessions are designed to help our youngest students learn yoga poses, breath work, and calming techniques in a playful, relaxed environment.  We will use movement, cooperative games, and crafts to introduce our "Limitless" Kids to the physical and mental benefits of yoga.

YOGAKICK: yoga through a martial arts lens, great for yogis and martial artists alike. Leslii Stevens’ teaching style breaks down complex yoga asanas into simple, straightforward principles that will help beginners, and deepen the understanding of experts. Leslii is committed to making yoga and martial arts accessible to all. 

Balancing Energy:  A rejuvenating yoga class every Thursday night at 7 pm. This class is designed to help you find your equilibrium both physically and mentally as you unwind from the week and prepare for the weekend! Revitalizing your spirit through yoga.

Tools of Transformation. Yoga/Resistance/Myofascial Release - The revolutionary way to sculpt and shape your body a new approach to strength building combines unique body-weight and resistance training exercises with traditional yoga practices. A fresh take on endurance and strength-building workouts. Body sculpting with yoga represents the next step forward for reaching your physical peak.


Lengthen & Strengthen:  a dynamic fitness class every Friday morning. This class focuses on elongating your muscles and building strength, providing a balanced workout to kickstart your weekend. All fitness levels are welcome!

Ball Rolling. This rolling and self massage class highlights common areas of tension and briefly touches on each for a well rounded, total body rejuvenation! We will use myofascial release balls, foam rollers and other tools to help unwind stressed out muscles in the body. This is a great class for all those Desk Jockeys out there. 

Core Harmony Vinyasa. This balanced and synchronized practice integrates core work seamlessly within the flow of vinyasa yoga, promoting harmony between strength, flexibility, and mindful movement.

Flow Blend Yoga. Enjoy the blend of Vinyasa and Hatha yoga, integrating movements to help breathe balance and strength within the body and mind.

Fit By Lu.  Functional Workouts  on Tuesdays & Fridays- Functional training improves your balance and posture, reduces pain from past injuries and improves your mindset. Functional training develops the same muscle movements you use in everyday life. 

Fit By Lu.  360 Degrees on Thursdays- Drop some DNA on the floor through a sweaty HIIT style routine. This class is designed to push your body to its maximum effort, leading to increased calorie burn and improved cardiovascular health. 

Fit By Lu. Cardio Flex on Saturdays- A fusion of Pilates inspired movements with the concept  of High-intensity interval training, but at a more moderate level . If you have been searching for a workout that combines strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health, you're in the right place.

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