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Meet Our Wellness Experts

Our team of certified and experienced Yoga and Fitness experts are dedicated to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals. We offer a range of services such as fitness, yoga, private training, and meditation. Our experts are passionate about guiding you towards a more balanced and fulfilling life.


Leslii Stevens ERYT500, YACEP, CYT, Reiki Master

Certified Yoga Instructor & Reiki Master

Leslii is a registered 200-hour and 300-hour Yoga Teacher. She received a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2018 from Revolution Community Yoga, a 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2020 from Sacred Seed Yoga School,  a 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2021 Yoga Liberation Front and another 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2022 Yoga Liberation Front. She has advanced certification in Trauma Sensitive Yoga, and accessibility Yoga. She also holds a certification in The Balanced Athlete. She has a certification in Yoga Therapy for Emotional Health & Healing Training in 2022 Soulful Yoga Therapy. Leslii is also a Reiki Master Teacher.  Leslii is currently working towards her Black Belt in Karate, and is in Family Martial Arts Karate Instructor program becoming a kick ass yogi ninja!


Leslii teaches a class where she takes her students on a journey that allows them to really start to understand and connect with their bodies. Affectionately called the Yogi Mechanic by her students. Leslii is the founder and co-owner Limitless Fitness Yoga Wellness ,  and founder and owner of Fight for My Soul School School, CoyDog Botanicals & Yoga and Studio 23 Photography specializing in live concert and yoga photography.


Luciane Pegas "Lu" 
Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, DNA-Based Fitness Coach, Bodybuilding Specialist, Harvard Anatomy Specialist, and Corrective Exercise Specialist

Certified Personal Trainer

Lu Pegas  is a certified personal trainer with a background in kinesiology and sports science. She is passionate about helping her clients achieve their fitness goals through a customized approach that combines functional and strength training, cardio, and nutrition. Lu believes that fitness is not just about looking good, but feeling good and living a healthy lifestyle.

Linda Dussinger.jpg

Linda Dussinger- RYT500

I’ve always had a deep yearning for movement and fitness, and my love affair with yoga began many years ago. I was amazed how the connection of mind and body left me feeling peaceful and grounded whenever I stepped on my mat. Over time, my passion for yoga grew, and so did my desire to share this wonderful practice. My mission with yoga is an internal and external connection for myself & for all.  I am fueled by the need to help others find acceptance and balance in their lives.

 In 2015 I made the decision to become an instructor and obtained my 200-hour certification at Coreworks Institute in Florida. I deepened my studies in 2020 completing my Yoga Teaching Apprenticeship as well as an additional 300-hour certification at Sacred Seeds Yoga School under the guidance of Master Teacher, Jacqui Bonwell. This training included a Clinically Informed Restorative Yoga Certification for Trauma students, ball rolling and introduction to FMS (functional movement screening). I also developed and implemented a funeral home Yoga Grief Program where I conduct classes for the families we serve. This includes breathing techniques, chair yoga and light meditation, all of which help them heal during difficult times.

 My classes are mindful of proper body alignment, allowing students to increase their mobility and build core strength.  Modifications are always provided to ensure students move safely within their own bodies.  I also play meditation sound bowls which provide vibrational, sound healing energy.  Can’t wait to see you on your mat! 

IMG_5395 (1).jpg

Lauren Brown Pilates Instructor

Introducing Lauren, a seasoned Pilates enthusiast with over two decades of dedication to the practice. Her journey began at the age of 18 when she received a Pilates DVD as a gift, sparking a lifelong passion. As a devoted stay-at-home mom, Lauren prioritized her family while nurturing her love for Pilates. Now, with her children in school, she received her Pilates teaching certification in order to turn her passion into a profession. With her extensive experience and unwavering commitment, Lauren is poised to inspire and empower others on their own Pilates journey.

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