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Balance is not about staying still; it's about

constant movement.


About Limitless Fitness Yoga Wellness

At Limitless  Wellness, we offer a variety of services to help you achieve your holistic well- being goals. Our studio offers a wide range of  group fitness classes,  yoga, private training, sound bath sessions, and a boutique with crystals, fitness apparel, yoga mats and props, myofascial release tools and so much more. We also provide certified trainings, yoga retreats, Yoga Teacher Training courses and workshops to help you deepen your practice and knowledge.

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Curvy Tree Road

Our Vision

At Limitless Wellness our mission is to empower individuals on their journey to holistic well-being by providing a nurturing space for yoga, personalized training, massage and mindful practices. We are committed to fostering physical strength, mental clarity, and emotional balance, guiding our community towards a Limitless potential for a healthier and happier life.

Our Story

Limitless Wellness was founded with the belief that everyone has the potential to achieve their wellness goals. Our founders, Lu Pegas and Leslii Stevens who are passionate about health and wellness, wanted to create a space where people could come together to learn and grow.

Join Our Community

We welcome everyone to join our community at Limitless  Wellness. Whether you are new to wellness or an experienced practitioner, we have something for you. Come join us and start your journey to better health and wellness today!

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3 weeks unlimited Yoga & Group Fitness Classes | $30

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Limitless is a great place for anyone looking for Wellness, Fitness and Yoga. Limitless has an amazing community support and anyone will benefit from everything they have to offer.


Luciano T

Limitless is a fantastic spot in Hudson for stress relief and workouts. It's a peaceful place right when you enter, and the owners offer fun yoga and fitness classes. The gym stands out with its positive energy and zen atmosphere, and everyone is friendly and uplifting. Definitely worth a visit for a great wellness experience.


I love everything about Limitless! The owners are experienced and with a wonderful mood! I highly recommend this place!

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